An audience s response to dance says as much about the audience as it does the dance

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The Philosophy of Dance

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21 Call to Action Examples in Writing and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs

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Just like the Le Sacre Du Printemps dance, which was once looked down upon, it is now regarded as an amazing performance. Society as a whole changes from decade to decade, and an audience’s negative response to a dance could mean the audience was not ready to experience that dance%(3).

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Hi Louise, what Nichelle meant with “Never dance alone, even in a soloâ€, is that aside from ‘being aware of other dancers in your group’ (which you won’t have to do, of course, in a solo), you have to involve your audience in your performance.

I agree with the statement “ an audience’s response to a dance says as much about the audience as it does the dance.” A single choreographed dance can have a multitude of different responses based on the location and type of audience it is performed for. An Audience response to a dance says as much about the audience as it does the dance" means.

An audience s response to dance says as much about the audience as it does the dance
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