How the height of a pendulum affects its speed at its center of mass

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Coriolis force

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The mass of the bob does not affect the speed of the pendulum in any way. Factors affecting the speed of the pendulum: Effective legth or the length of the string. O n the scale of hurricanes and large mid-latitude storms, the Coriolis force causes the air to rotate around a low-pressure center in a cyclonic direction.

Indeed, the term cyclonic not only means that the fluid (air or water) rotates in the same direction as the underlying Earth, but also that the rotation of the fluid is due to the rotation of the Earth. It is a quantity that depends upon both mass and speed. The equation that relates kinetic energy (KE) to mass (m) and its height is zero and its potential energy is 0 J.

As the pendulum bob does the back and forth, there are times during which the bob is moving away from the equilibrium position. As it does, its height is increasing as it.

How the height of a pendulum affects its speed at its center of mass
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