How to read the handwriting and records of early america

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How to read the handwriting and records of early America

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U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Church Records, 1781-1969

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How to Read Old Handwriting: A Primer

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Reading Early American Handwriting

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Practice transcribing documents for different time periods and localities in America. Patience, practice, and perseverance will pay off in big dividends when studying early American handwriting. Read and interpret the. Understanding colonial handwriting by: Stryker-Rodda, Harriet.

Published: () Court-hand restored, or, The student's assistant in reading old deeds, charters, records, etc., neatly engraved on twenty-three copper plates, describing the old law hands, with their contractions and abbreviations.

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Within a week or two, she’d sent me photocopies of a whole bunch of letters written by famous early Texans like Sam Houston, Mirabeau B Lamar, Emily Austin Perry, and Thomas J Rusk. Rusk’s handwriting seemed the most legible and least peculiar of the bunch, so I chose to work with that. Reading Early American Handwriting In summary, some of the most difficult letters to be aware of in old handwriting, especially during the seventeenth century, are the following lowercase letters: The capitals of the above letters may also present problems in deciphering old handwriting.

Hilary E.

Should Cursive Handwriting Die?

Wyss, Hargis Professor of American Literature at Auburn University, has written extensively on Native literacy and community in early America. Her most recent book is English Letters and Indian Literacies: Reading, Writing, and New England Missionary Schools,

How to read the handwriting and records of early america
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