The disney dynasty how walt disney shaped family entertainment

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Early Days in the Disney Dynasty

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Walt Disney. Though he was a prolific artist and painter, he is best known for working as an animator and illustrator on the Disney movie "Bambi." shaped global opinion around the medium. Most people have no idea how much Walt Disney contributed to movies, TV, animation, theme parks, or entertainment in general.

This book is a great bio by a solid writer who had interviewed Walt several times over the years and had access to people and archives with the blessings of the Disney family. On October 26,Walt Disney Home Entertainment released Mulan on DVD as a 2-disc Special Edition.

[42] In MarchWalt Disney Studios Home Entertainment released Mulan and Mulan II on Blu-ray and DVD to coincide with the film's 15th anniversary. Oct 28,  · “It was his watercolor paintings, inspired by the Song Dynasty that inspired much of the backdrop for the animated film.

However, his only credit came in the form of a background artist.” In the yearDisney named Wong as the Disney Legend for his phenomenal contribution to the entertainment industry.

The disney dynasty how walt disney shaped family entertainment
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