What is the importance of cost allocation and how may it be leveraged by healthcare

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Is it Time for the Healthcare Industry to Make Cost Management a Priority?

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the workloads of these cost centres. Cost Allocation Methods Cost allocation methods measure the level of activity of a cost centre in terms of its primary function.

Today, hospitals and other healthcare facilities show increasing interest in the advantages of using such methods. Direct methods are the most popular, because of their simplicity.

Second generation web-based technologies (Web ) such as social media and networking sites are increasingly being used by governments for activities ranging from open policy making to communication campaigns and customer service. Mar 21,  · Correspondingly, the allocation model entailed by each of these approaches captures something important about the ethics of healthcare and of healthcare resource allocation.

Considering value, or accuracy divided by cost, it is the most practical method of cost allocation because it maximized accuracy in relation to cost Double apportionment disadvantage It requires a computer, which may be cost prohibitive for smaller healthcare organizations.

What is the importance of cost allocation and how may it be leveraged by healthcare
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